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The deregulation of utility costs for oil, gas and electricity has had a significant impact on residential heating expenses for the consumer. Purchasing an energy efficient HVAC system has become a major investment in one’s home. D & K Air systems always takes into account the cost of your current energy source to help you in selecting your best  energy alternative. We will help you in choosing the best way to heat and cool your home with natural gas, electric, oil, or propane based sources.
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Qualify for Rebates and Discounts to bring natural gas into your home with
· If your home energy source is currently electric, steam, oil or propane. You can even convert older oil-fired systems to natural gas.
· D&K will guide you through this process from beginning to end.
· We are also qualified to install gas piping in your home as well as the  installation of energy saving gas furnaces and hot water heaters.
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D & K Air Systems can update, replace and even convert your current heating and cooling system from oil, water or electric to gas at significantly lower costs than most other national HVAC companies. Even homes that have been built in the last 20 years are saddled with older and inefficient heat pumps or forced air systems that have caused their monthly energy bills to skyrocket over the past decade.
More Options Than Ever Before!
Replacing Older, Antiquated and Outdated Boilers and Furnaces is our Specialty!
Many Baltimore area homes still have the original furnace, boiler or radiator that was installed when their home was first built; one, two or even three generations ago. We specialize in the replacement of these types of outdated heating systems that work on:
In many cases, older boilers are over-sized for the home and can be costing the homeowner excessive energy usage. D & K Air Systems will determine the proper current heating capacity of your home for you and make recommendations based on our knowledge and experience. We will...
· Provide you with options and cost estimates of
converting your oil-fired boiler to a natural gas-
fired boiler.
· Provide not only a written estimate with the make
and model of the boiler we recommend, but
detailing all the facets of the work to be completed
along with warranties and financing options
available with approved credit.
 BGE Gas Conversion Program Participating Contractor
We Accept All Major Credit Cards
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