If you are looking to add a forced air system to your home or need additional ductwork to increase inadequate air flow, D&K Air Systems will design a plan that will not compromise the integrity of your homes interior. We will help you determine the size of all the supply and return ductwork necessary for your home. Call Us today, or CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.
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Most duct work is composed of just two basic parts, supply and return. The SUPPLY DUCT is attached to the outflow of the new system, delivering air to each zone in a home. The amount of air reaching each zone is determined by the size of supply ductwork connecting it to your system. We will help you determine the size of all the supply ductwork in your home. The second part of the ductwork, the RETURN DUCT, attaches to the inlet of the new system and draws air out of the spaces to be heated or cooled. Attached to the return duct is the filter which is placed as near to the furnace or air handler as possible. Ductwork must be properly sized in order to evenly distribute the proper amount of air to each room.
D & K Air Systems is one of the Baltimore area’s leading specialists in the design and installation of custom duct work for historic and older homes, town homes, and row houses. Homes that were designed with older heating & cooling equipment often need to have new air flow ducts installed when converting to some of the more modern and energy efficient systems. One of the most important parts of proper installation is insuring that the ductwork can deliver adequate air flow to maintain comfort in the house, while still meeting all manufacturers' specifications. D & K Air Systems will work with you in selecting the most cost effective solutions for improving the overall comfort of every room in your home.
Getting the right Air Flow in your home can help
save you Hundreds of Dollars a Year in Cooling & Heating Costs!
Update and Upgrade Older Duct Work in Your Home
Small problems can become bigger problems if your heating and cooling system runs 365 days a year without keeping it up to date and working at maximum efficiency. Older, inadequate duct systems can cost you hundreds of dollars a year if they are not maintained regularly and upgraded to meet the capacity of todays more efficient forced air heating & cooling systems. You need to be able to depend on your home cooling and heating system to handle our extreme temperatures all year round.
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